Columnists: Christian Taber

Christian Taber is a senior research engineer at Big Ass Fans, working with the business development team to identify new research opportunities. Taber is an ASHRAE-certified high-performance building design professional, a building energy modeling professional, a certified energy manager, and a committee member of ASHRAE Standards 90.1 and 189.1.

How Fans Improve Comfort and Reduce Heating Costs

Vicky Broadus co-authored this article. Fans in Winter? Your Accountant Will Thank You. Winter brings with it costly heating bills, and what you may not realize is a lot of your money is being wasted on heat you never feel — the heat that’s up at the ceiling. That’s due to a phenomenon called stratification.   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency from the Ceiling (Fan) to the Floor

Energy Efficiency from the Ceiling (fan) to the Floor With the goal of being the most energy efficient high rise in North America, architects and engineers built a 21 story, 695,000 ft² office tower which serves as the home of Manitoba Hydro Power, located in downtown Winnipeg [Ontario, Canada]. Temperature swings from -22 F to   …Continue Reading