Columnists: Connie Sasala

As Chief Sustainability Officer of Cameron-Cole, Ms. Sasala analyzes the rapidly evolving global business environment and provides strategic advice and tools for clients who seek to design and build resilience across their value chain. With over 20 years of experience in the sustainability and carbon fields, she has been deeply engaged in developing and tailoring best practices in sustainability for corporations in all economic sectors, as well as NGOs, local governments and universities. More information on Cameron-Cole may be found at

A Different Approach to Heating & Cooling

Ensconced in multiple layers during the recent polar vortex, I curled up with the latest issue of Wired Magazine that featured wearable tech. Although I admit that gadgets like Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear™ speak loudly to the geek in me, I still did not see what I wanted most — a wearable device   …Continue Reading