Columnists: Craig R. Horne, Ph.D.

Craig R. Horne, Ph.D., is chief strategy officer and co-founder of EnerVault, a company that designs and manufactures long-duration, grid-scale energy storage systems.. EnerVault dedicated the world’s largest iron-chromium redox flow battery system at an almond grower’s orchard in Turlock, California, last month. The demonstration project is funded in part by the US Department of Energy. EnerVault is working toward safe, reliable, cost effective, scalable energy storage for grid operators, utilities, and renewable generation owners.

CA’s Battery Cluster Has Moment in the Sun

Batteries are having a big moment. The reason: a couple of major trends are reshaping the way we use our available energy resources. Their impact on our electrical power grid is driving energy storage to the top of innovators’ minds. The first big trend: we are moving away from fossil fuels for power generation. The   …Continue Reading