Columnists: Daryl Letto

Daryl is responsible for identifying and developing customer focused solutions that connect SHIFT’s energy management software and engineering capabilities with real customer energy intensive challenges.

Daryl has more than 10 years of industrial engineering experience working with the commercial and industrial sectors. His experience includes providing custom engineered energy management and capital equipment solutions through project engineering, project management, and technical sales support. His prior specific work in the energy sector has been focused on integrating facilities for demand-side management.

Big Data… So What?

Cloud computing and the associated reductions in the cost of cloud computing have given way to big data. Lots of it – so what?  With that has come big data analytics.  The days of limited server space and limited rows on a spreadsheet are a thing of the past, giving insight into areas of our   …Continue Reading

The Energy Efficient Path

Getting from point A to point B used to be a simple task. If we use the analogy of a vehicle, we would historically have planned a journey by thinking about if we wanted to get there the quickest way possible or if the purpose was to take a more scenic route. Or maybe we would   …Continue Reading

Coincident Peak and Your Electricity Costs

What’s driving your electrical energy spend?  It depends on the rate that you have negotiated with your utility provider.  It’s important to understand this since your electricity costs are typically six times greater than that of your natural gas energy spend.  There are typically three general components to the electricity bill: 1. Consumption Charge: Cost   …Continue Reading