Columnists: Dick Munson

Dick Munson is the director, Midwest clean energy, with the Environmental Defense Fund. He works to advance the use of clean energy in Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dick currently focuses on creating new financing opportunities for efficiency, on ensuring smart meters provide the real-time data that will enable consumers to cut energy and pollution and on building the business case for efficiency within commercial buildings.

A Revolution in Power: Where We’ve Come from, Where We’re Headed

State initiatives demonstrate a growing awareness that public policy must change to keep up with and encourage technological change. New players entering the industry are demonstrating the power of markets to stimulate investment and innovation.

Who Should Pay for a Utility’s Bad Business Decisions – Owners or Customers?

When companies fall into financial trouble, shareholders and executives are usually held responsible. If a firm, for instance, assumes too much debt, its owners face several options. They could issue more equity or stock, bringing in more revenue but decreasing the value of their current stock holdings. They could cut the dividends to shareholders. They   …Continue Reading

Microgrid Power Struggle Tests Century-Old Monopolies

Microgrids that can disconnect from a centralized electric grid and operate independently are sizzling hot these days. Cities vulnerable to storms want them. Neighborhoods interested in renewable energy and lower power bills want them. And now, traditional utilities want them to make their systems more reliable and to expand their business. So when will microgrids dot American   …Continue Reading