Columnists: Evan Lubofsky

Evan Lubofsky is a writer and communications director for Onset.

Eliminating Uncertainties with Calibrated Energy Modeling

Building energy models (BEMs), which simulate the view of energy use in a building, have been playing a more important role in building performance evaluation over the past few decades. While commonly used in building design, they can be particularly important in retrofit projects, where energy savings need to be identified and energy conservation measures   …Continue Reading

Logging Occupancy to Optimize Energy Use

Every occupant in a building creates demand for lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort, and electrical power. Lighting, heating, and cooling unoccupied spaces is a huge source of energy waste in buildings, and many studies have shown that building occupancy profiles have a significant impact on building energy use and operational controls. Closer alignment of occupancy patterns   …Continue Reading

Building Audit Identifies Sources of Hidden Energy Waste

The Vermont Community Foundation (VCF) is a tax-exempt public charity based in Middlebury, Vermont. The VCF oversees 600 funds and ranks among the top 10% of community foundations in the country. It manages more than $154 million in assets and awards $10.5 million in grants annually. With its eye on the future, the VCF is developing   …Continue Reading