Columnists: John Finnigan

John Finnigan is senior regulatory attorney with the EDF.

New Electric Utility Business Model a Bold Effort in NY

The US electric grid has not been updated since World War II, when telephones, dishwashers, and air conditioning were the cutting-edge technology innovations of the century. Today, this same grid is struggling to cope with the technological advances of the last decade, a reality that hit home for New Yorkers in the wake of Superstorm   …Continue Reading

Electric Grid Modernization in Mass: What It Means for Utilities

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, the US will need to invest $124 billion between now and 2030 to upgrade its electric distribution system, and these upgrades will require state utility commissions to thoughtfully plan for and oversee the investments. Last week, Massachusetts became one of the first states to begin this process by   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Saves Billions

Energy efficiency is a proven value. In Ohio alone, energy efficiency programs have saved people a total of $1 billion since 2009. What’s more is that these savings far outweigh the costs to implement Ohio’s energy efficiency programs, which amount to less than half of the total savings. Yet Ohio utilities and large industrial companies want   …Continue Reading

Smart Planning Leads to Successful Smart Grid Rollout

As Ben Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”  This saying certainly holds true for smart grid deployment plans, which can cost utilities several hundred million dollars. Given these high stakes, good planning is essential. Many utilities have installed smart grids.  Currently, 25% of US electricity customers have smart meters,   …Continue Reading