Columnists: Jon Rabinowitz

Jon Rabinowitz is Senior Director of Marketing at Panoramic Power, a leading provider of energy management solutions for retail business around the world. In this role he advocates on the use of sensor energy monitoring technology to make proactive operational decisions and reduce energy costs.

Energy Efficiency Myths Busted

Summer means barbeques, pool parties, and high energy bills. This is expensive and annoying on a personal level, but for business, it can be downright damaging. Peak demand and high energy costs join forces to sweat the bottom line for businesses around the world. Many businesses have accepted this as a harsh reality: a cost   …Continue Reading

5 Lessons Energy Management Professionals Can Learn from Quality Management

Quality management started as a movement to ensure consistency in manufacturing. With the development of systems like Six Sigma, ISO 9000, and PDCA, quality management has been applied to virtually every vertical and organizational structure. Today’s energy management, as a movement, can be compared to the early days of TQM. If we look to Quality   …Continue Reading

Enterprise Energy-Saving Practices and Opportunities Uncovered in Carbon Trust Survey

The Carbon Trust recently released data from an efficient energy survey conducted in the UK that offers some insight into the staggering lack of participation on the part of employees in enterprise energy reduction. But the data doesn’t go so far as to lay blame on the employees. Behavioral psychology has taught us better. We   …Continue Reading