Columnists: Jon Sohn

Jon D. Sohn, counsel, McKenna Long & Aldridge, is an experienced climate change and clean energy public policy leader. He has first hand experience preparing US domestic and international environmental policy and regulations backed by advocacy and testimony before the United States Congress and Executive Branch. He has in depth understanding of private sector finance, multilateral development banks and United Nations processes in climate and energy policy matters coupled with a unique ability to work collaboratively with private sector, government and non-governmental organization stakeholders to formulate public policy solutions.

Shale Gas and GHG Emissions: What’s the Deal?

Few foresaw the rapid emergence of shale gas development as the growing force in the US energy mix that it is today. In four years, shale gas development has boomed in a diverse set of geographic locations. According to the US Energy Information Agency, the US has 2.214 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable natural   …Continue Reading