Columnists: Karin Rives

Karin Rives is the Environmental Defense Fund’s editorial manager and is editor of the Voices blog.

Citibank: How Investments in Clean Energy Can Save Trillions

A number to remember: $44 trillion. It’s what Citibank estimates that climate change will cost the global economy by 2060 unless we take decisive steps to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. To put the number in perspective, that is roughly the combined gross domestic products of the United States, China and the European Union. But   …Continue Reading

5 Reasons Clean Energy Investments Beat Expectations

The solar industry is booming, and the US Department of Energy’s loan guarantee program, chastised after several high-profile cleantech companies went belly up in 2011, has more than recovered. In fact, leading venture capitalists, some of our largest banks and brands, and — lately — private investors are expected to continue to invest heavily in   …Continue Reading