Columnists: Kit Kennedy

Kit Kennedy, Counsel, Air and Energy Program, New York, Natural Resources Defense Council, first joined NRDC in 1988 after working for a federal judge for two years. In her early years, she had the chance to work on a wide range of great cross-cutting issues at NRDC, ranging from working to improve New York City’s sewage system and to reform its zoning code; fighting water pollution in the Hudson River; and bringing scores of enforcement cases across the country. In the second half of her NRDC career, she focused on energy issues, namely renewable energy, energy efficiency and power plant siting. In 2007, she left NRDC to become head of the Environmental Protection Bureau at the New York State Attorney General’s Office. She served the Attorney General and the State of New York for three years, and worked on a diverse and challenging set of environmental issues across New York State and nationally. She recently returned to NRDC to help move forward its clean energy and global warming agenda at the federal level.

Dept. of Energy Report: US Wind Has Come Far but Faces Challenges

For US wind power, last year was both the best of times and the worst of times. That’s the conclusion from the new Wind Technologies Market Report released recently by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and prepared by DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Wind power does a number of things very well: It produces   …Continue Reading

Court Decision Paves Way for Higher Energy Savings

A court settlement approved on the 24th means that the US Department of Energy (DOE) will have to redo important gas furnace energy efficiency standards.   But the good news is that this gives us the opportunity to press for even stronger furnace standards, and that’s good news for battling high heating bills as well as   …Continue Reading

Congress’ Light Bulb Stunt Could Be Costly for Consumers, Jobs and Clean Energy Economy

This article is a follow-up to last Thursday’s article by Kit Kennedy. The $1.1 trillion-dollar budget bill just passed by Congress will avoid a government shutdown and fund the government until October, but it includes a couple of screwed-up provisions – called “riders” — as concessions to conservative House members. One affects light bulb energy   …Continue Reading

Budget Bill Light Bulb Enforcement Rider: Pointless Political Theater with Potential To Hurt American Manufacturers, Jobs

Congress is moving forward on a catch-all spending bill that restores some much needed funding for health and environment safeguards the American people depend on.   That’s good news.   But the bill also includes some misguided provisions or “riders” on climate and energy that are wholly unrelated to the budget.  These riders move us backward and   …Continue Reading