Columnists: Lacey Miller

Lacey Miller is a digital marketing specialist with Noesis Energy.

Answers to Arguments against PACE

Search the terms “property assessed clean energy” (PACE), and you will get a laundry list of results from program supporters, PACE organizations, and other energy efficiency groups. They all have roughly the same information about the definition, origin, and benefits of PACE, but what they aren’t discussing are potential concerns. Don’t misunderstand, I am a   …Continue Reading

Don’t Miss Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Remember when energy efficiency was just a whisper? No, you probably don’t, because that was decades ago! Energy efficiency is not a new concept; it’s not a new idea that you get to use to “disrupt” the built environment. Building energy efficiency is a well-seasoned concept…now, somewhere along the way we decided that efficient meant   …Continue Reading