Columnists: Lance Bishop

Lance Bishop is director of energy management services for Schneider Electric.

Tips to Manage and Drive Energy Efficiency for Every Data Center

It’s no secret that the deluge of digital content being created, shared and retrieved on a daily basis is having a direct effect on data center growth. Tens of thousands of data centers have been built to support this blast of digital data. Unsurprisingly, this has directly increased the use of electricity by data centers.   …Continue Reading

Data Center Energy Best Practices Part II: 6 Steps to Maximize Efficiency, Increase Savings

In this second installment of Data Center Energy Best Practices: Maximize Efficiency, Increase Savings (read the first installment here) we’ll look at “right-sizing” equipment to leverage modularity and scalable infrastructure to fit the exact needs of a given data center or mission critical space; Demand Response as an efficiency technique; and several other steps to   …Continue Reading

Data Center Energy Best Practices: Maximize Efficiency, Increase Savings

Data centers consume – energy, that is. In 2010, data centers accounted for 1.3 percent of total global energy usage, according to Jonathan Koomey, an expert P.h.D. professor on the environmental effects of information technology. In the U.S. during that same year, data centers accounted for 2 percent of the nation’s total electricity.  This seems   …Continue Reading