Columnists: Bob Landstrom

Bob Landstrom is the director of product management at Interxion. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, a master of science in electrical engineering from the University of Missouri, and a master degree in IS security management from Villanova University. He has a US patent for an arithmetic data error detection and correction code, and is a frequent conference speaker in the data center industry and the author of numerous white papers and publications. Bob teaches data center and IS security topics for industry professional organizations, the US Department of Energy, and is an adjunct professor at a university in the United States.

Regulating the Energy Supply Chain for the new Information Economy

The expansion of the information economy is accelerating. Every two years, the digital universe will double in size, and according to EMC will reach 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) by 2020. That’s about 5,200 gigabytes of data per person. Data processing fuelling the information economy also fuels the continued energy consumption of data centers. As   …Continue Reading