Columnists: Mac Statton

Mac Statton is an analyst with US Energy Information Administration’s Biofuels & Emerging Technologies Team.

Cellulosic Biofuels Begin to Flow but in Lower Volumes than Foreseen

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration Note: Initial commercial scale facilities are expected to produce between 10 and 30 million gallons of biofuel. As yields improve and producers take advantage of economies of scale, this could grow to 50 or 100 million gallons. Several companies combined to produce about 20,000 gallons of fuels using cellulosic biomass   …Continue Reading

Ethanol Producers Respond to Market Conditions

Beginning in summer 2012, the prices of ethanol and corn reached levels where production costs at relatively simple ethanol plants exceeded revenue. These simple plants, which are not able to recover corn oil, make up a diminishing portion of the ethanol industry. Reacting to the market conditions, several ethanol plants temporarily shut down. By January   …Continue Reading