Columnists: Marc Karell

Marc Karell is the owner of Climate Change & Environmental Services. CCES can help you along the way with the technical, planning and financial details of installing a solar PV to enable you to reduce your energy costs significantly.

Overcoming Skepticism about Energy Upgrades

In my practice, the most difficult problem I face is the skepticism of property owners and managers when it comes to the savings potential of energy upgrades. When dealing with fellow engineers and scientists, simply explaining the options and benefits is enough for them to have confidence that the technology will work. But the real   …Continue Reading

How to Think about Energy Efficiency

I recently gave a talk to an engineering society about sustainability, with the emphasis on energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reductions. I discussed “The 9 Purely Business Reasons to Reduce Energy” (see to demonstrate the many purely common sense, financial reasons for companies to invest in energy efficiency. Gosh, give credit to us   …Continue Reading

New York City Ushers In Sub-Metering Rule

New York City’s Local Law 88 is now in effect. This rule contains requirements for buildings that are 50,000 square feet or greater to upgrade their lighting and to install sub-meters. A future article will discuss lighting, but this one will discuss sub-meters. New York City is one of the first cities in the nation to   …Continue Reading

Getting the Most from Your LED Lighting Replacement Project

  LEDs are all the rage now. LED vendors are beginning to advertise to a wide audience; they are being accepted. There have been great advances in LED lighting technology in recent years. Illumination no longer varies. LEDs can be dimmed or adjusted in other ways. LEDs can be made to resemble the fluorescents they   …Continue Reading

President Obama Submits Budget for Energy

On Feb. 2, President Obama released his fiscal year 2016 budget, including money for his climate change agenda, which includes efforts for the US to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and to manage adaptation efforts to climate change effects. Items include offering incentives for states to reduce their reliance on coal-fired power; $1.29 billion for   …Continue Reading

How Will the Clean Power Plan Benefit Small Business?

This will likely go down as a banner year as the USEPA proposed, for the first time, national standards to limit emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from existing power plants: the Clean Power Plan. However this turns out in terms of the legislative process in Washington, the federal government has certainly provided the signals that clean   …Continue Reading

Energy’s Changing Realities: Are You Taking Advantage?

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes nationwide and regional energy use data. While changes from year to year are not great, a longer view reveals a lot. From 2007 to 2013, total US energy use dropped 5%, while the GDP rose 6%. The US is becoming more energy efficient. Our mix of energy sources   …Continue Reading

Peak Demand Reductions Critical to Controlling Costs

Your operations – whether you manage one or several office buildings or industrial facilities – depend on electricity. You don’t have electricity, your company does not function. It’s as simple as that. Whether at home or at work, we are used to paying for electricity by how much we use (kilowatt-hours, kWh). Makes sense; you   …Continue Reading

Energy Practices And Results Watched By Outsiders

Buildings in NYC and elsewhere have undergone a “complete 360” when it comes to energy practices, costs, and usage. It used to be that buildings had no motivation to be more energy efficient; costs were just spread out to tenants who just accepted and paid the expenses as part of their rent or lease agreement.   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency: the Hidden Benefits

I was fortunate to have been the construction and environmental manager for the largest conversion from No. 6 oil to natural gas so far in NYC. Three large boilers, providing heat and domestic hot water for 8 high-rise apartment buildings and other areas, were upgraded in preparation for the fuel switch. It is now two   …Continue Reading