Columnists: Marilynn Marsh-Robinson

As an EDF project manager, Marilynn Marsh-Robinson is responsible for ensuring our work reaches diverse audiences and projects include holistic strategies that incorporate socioeconomic factors. She has worked on various energy efficiency projects with academic institutions, including a strong focus on minority serving colleges and universities, rural communities and local governments. She also specializes in environmental justice initiatives with traditionally underserved communities that help amplify their concerns and strengthen environmental advocacy efforts. By coordinating these relationships, Marylinn has helped secure passage of legislation and continues to increase overall visibility of the organization.

Energy Efficiency Improvements Possible in NC from USDA Loan

A rural electric cooperative in North Carolina is one of the first in the country to receive funds from a new United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on-bill finance program that will help customers improve energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and reduce carbon pollution. Roanoke Electric Membership Cooperative, which serves 14,ooo rural customers, is in my home state.   …Continue Reading

Public & Private Financing Drives Energy Efficiency in Rural America

Those of us from rural areas know the special beauty of natural landscapes – and we know the challenges of living in sparsely-populated regions. Rural areas have higher rates of poverty and economic disparity, lower per capita income and disproportionate elderly and veteran  populations when compared to more urban areas. Rural homes and commercial buildings tend to   …Continue Reading