Columnists: Mark Masterson

Mark Masterson is the manager of with over 10 years of experience in the restaurant and bar industry. With an extensive background in restaurant industry, Mark is focused on providing quality information and advice to contractors and purchasing managers about the best practices on choosing the right type of ice machine for your client.

What It Takes to Become an Energy Efficient Business

What really makes a business “green”? What is green to one person may not be green enough to another, so there’s a whiff of marketing around the term. A business can call itself green all it wants, but for people who care about what makes a company green, that’s not enough. Green businesses prove their   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency in Food Service Businesses

When you are the owner or manager of a food service business, using less energy for day-to-day operations becomes an important consideration. Food service businesses use almost two-and-a-half times more energy than other businesses. Concerns about sustainability and climate change have helped to turn the focus toward energy efficiency in all businesses, especially food service.   …Continue Reading

Energy Saving Tactics for Restaurants

The ice machine is a standard piece of equipment in restaurants, but it can also be a money drain. Bad filters, age, and even the type of machine can be a cause of inefficiency.  Switching your ice machine over to an energy efficient Energy Star machine and adopting energy conscious systems may be a solution   …Continue Reading

Energy and Water Efficiency for Restaurants

Americans, unfortunately, are a wasteful culture. According to the USDA, food waste from stores, restaurants, and homes topped an estimated 133 billion pounds of food, about 30-40% of the entire food supply. That’s not just an environmental problem, it’s a social problem. For restaurateurs, it’s also an economic one. That’s why some restaurants are turning   …Continue Reading