Columnists: Mark Meshulam

Mark Meshulam, the Chicago Window Expert, has over 33 years experience in construction, consulting, contracting, laboratory and field testing, forensic investigations, insurance claims and expert witness work. He specializes in windows, glass, mirrors, curtainwalls, entrances, skylights, panel systems, louvers, window films, sealants and similar architectural products.

Mr. Meshulam is often involved with claims, insurance claims and disputes involving leakage in the building envelope, failure of building envelope components (such as glass breakage, leaks and sealant failure), and also personal injury arising out of such products, including injuries from glass breakage and detachment.
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Building Energy Benchmarking and Window/Curtainwall Retrofit, Part II

This is part II of the article Building Energy Benchmarking and Window/Curtainwall Retrofit Part 1 I am excited about a little-known approach for window or curtainwall retrofit that can create dramatic improvements in building performance at a far lower cost with no down-time, showing energy paybacks in as little as only five years! Interior mounted   …Continue Reading

Building Energy Benchmarking and Window/Curtainwall Retrofit

Energy benchmarking ordinances for buildings are sweeping the nation, and building owners and managers will soon need to prepare for them. Building energy benchmarking ordinances, enacted in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Austin, Washington State, California and Washington, D.C., will be coming your way soon. In Chicago, commercial, residential, and municipal   …Continue Reading