Columnists: Matthew Littlefield

Matthew Littlefield is president and principal analyst for LNS Research.

5 Critical Factors to Reduce the Energy Intensity of Operations

With increasing energy prices, increasing pressure for operational cost reduction and major demographic shifts impacting the political and policy sphere, the focus on effective energy management is only increasing. Industrial companies today are being forced to address this trend and focus on cutting energy consumption wherever possible. To achieve this, visibility into energy expenditures through   …Continue Reading

How to Drive a Higher ROI On Energy Management Software

Energy efficiency can be a fickle science. As companies evaluate projects that will deliver energy efficiency savings, it’s often the strategic use of mathematics that will dictate the decision. Hurdle rates, or the minimum required rate of return on an investment, have to be calculated to determine whether or not a project’s worth pursuing. Industrial   …Continue Reading

Energy Intelligence Enables Continuous Operational Improvement

At a high level, what are most industrial companies focused on? Although there are a number of areas, one that stands out is improving operational costs. Both internal and external stakeholders are looking closely at revenue, earnings, and so on, adding pressure to not only maintain current performance but also continuously improve it. The question   …Continue Reading

Early Findings from Industrial Energy Management Research Survey

Our Industrial Energy Management (IEM) survey collects benchmark data on a variety of people, processes, technology, and metrics-related questions. In little over a month, this survey has been taken by over 100 executives and leaders in charge of making energy- and sustainability-related decisions in their organization. In just this short amount of time interesting trends   …Continue Reading

The Industrial Energy Management Framework

At LNS Research, we’ve been analyzing and writing about the emergence of Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM) and the trend toward managing sustainability holistically across an organization. To improve business performance, top executives are leveraging a common set of leadership, processes, and technology capabilities. An integral component of ESM is Industrial Energy Management (IEM). Below, we’ll   …Continue Reading