Columnists: Michael Park

Michael Park is a transactional finance professional with deep experience in project finance, tax credit financing, commercial real estate lending, corporate banking, and innovative energy finance. Previously with the Department of Energy, he is now the Vice President of Project Finance at Noesis Energy.

Demystifying PACE Financing

I answer questions everyday about various ways to finance energy efficiency retrofits, and the one that people are intrigued about the most is PACE. Everyone has read something about it, but not many people know exactly what is, how it works and when it’s good fit. In this article I’ll hope to demystify it so   …Continue Reading

Efficiency Financing – Decide the Vehicle Before Discussing the Rate

In my first article about financing energy efficiency investments, I wrote about using equipment leases and financing agreements. In this article I’ll cover the most popular source of outside capital – the building owner’s commercial bank – and my thoughts on using loans and credit lines for equipment purchases. As most know, the two most   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Finance in Plain English: An Intro to Leases

According to our most recent survey of C&I energy efficiency professionals, the most cited barrier to energy efficiency project approval is the lack of budget. Whether upgrading a chiller, installing solar, or bundling projects under a whole-building retrofit, energy efficiency projects require large upfront investments, which many building owners have not budgeted. As a result,   …Continue Reading