Columnists: Noah Long

Noah Long is a staff attorney working with NRDC’s Energy, Lands and Wildlife Programs. Noah’s first project with NRDC began in 2006, when he helped initiate the Patagonia Biogem campaign. Later, he joined the Energy program with a focus on regulation of electric and gas utilities, to align company and customer incentives to minimize the societal cost of energy services. He has worked on policies to deploy renewable energy and energy efficiency, invest in clean energy research and development, and clean up dirty power plants. Noah also works with NRDC’s land and wildlife program to minimize environmental conflicts from siting renewable energy projects. Noah holds a JD from Stanford Law School, an MSc. in International Development and Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics, and a BA from Bowdoin College.

Investment in Aging Coal Plants a Losing Proposition

Across the United States, economics are increasingly favoring investment in renewable energy at the expense of dirty coal energy. As the price of solar dips below coal and even natural gas in some instances, the domestic demand for coal wanes and a growing number of companies are eager to get out of their investments in   …Continue Reading