Columnists: Paul F. Monaghan

Paul is a 30-year veteran of energy management throughout North America and Western Europe. As Enerit CEO, he is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Enerit energy software products. Enerit is focused on developing innovative IT and Software services for energy management and in particular systematic energy management based on the international standards in energy management ISO 50001. Enerit is the first company in the world to provide comprehensive software for large energy users to implement the ISO 50001 standard. It is the only systematic energy management solution that helps its users convert energy information into dynamic integrated organization-wide action plans to get teams working together to drive down energy costs.

Assessing Costs, Benefits of the Superior Energy Performance Program

An alternative view A recent Energy Manager Today (EMT) article entitled ISO 50001, SEP Certification Costs $319,000 per Facility on Average summarizes only the costs portion of an original research paper, “Assessing the Costs and Benefits of the Superior Energy Performance Program” by Berkeley, Energetics and DOE. Because of this, the EMT article risks being a   …Continue Reading

Kick Off Your Energy Management Program with Guesstimation & Sankey Visualization

When you walk into a big industrial plant, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the question “where on earth is all the energy going?” When I was a young engineer, I certainly was overwhelmed and I spent a lot of time doing detailed work on unimportant things. With most things in life, the 80/20   …Continue Reading

4 Steps to Making All Your Sites ISO 50001 – Economically

If you are a multi-site organization, there are exceptional long-term cost benefits in adopting ISO 50001 throughout an organization. The question I address in this article is: “How do you minimize resources needed to get the standard in the first place and then maintain it?” By resources, I mean both internal staff resources as well   …Continue Reading

‘Where Can I Go to See an ISO 50001 Implementation in My Industry Sector?’

A lot of energy managers say to me, “ISO 50001 is expanding fast but it’s new to me. I have to get ISO 50001 for my company. Where can I go to see an ISO 50001 implementation near to me in my industry sector?”