Columnists: Pieter Noordam

Pieter Noordam is CEO at Alchemy Unlimited, a Campbell, California-based expert in energy intelligence.

Leveraging Your Company’s Energy Data Investment

In my last column, Getting Serious About Energy Metrics, I criticized traditional methods of grappling with corporate energy use, cost, impact and quality-of-service data as tedious, time-consuming and highly error-prone. The key point being that valuable insights are often overlooked or trapped in departmental silos. So called “energy dashboards” do not provide the independent information   …Continue Reading

Getting Serious About Energy Metrics

Bridging the gap between collecting data and really knowing what you’re paying for. As energy costs continue to rise and the pressure to become more environmentally friendly continues to mount, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to use energy more efficiently, lower carbon impact and reduce energy spending. Traditional methods for understanding a company’s energy   …Continue Reading