Columnists: Ralph Cavanagh

Ralph Cavanagh, Energy Program Co-Director for the NRDC, joined the San Francisco office in 1979 and has worked ever since at NRDC. He occasionally teaches energy law and policy at places like the University of Idaho, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, and served for ten years as a member of the US Secretary of Energy’s Advisory Board (1993-2003). His particular focus over the past thirty years has been the role of electric and natural gas utilities, and the opportunity to transform them into the economy’s most important clean energy investors, with special emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

“Tectonic Shift” in US Energy Use: Renewables Surging; Coal, Oil, and Electricity Down

I recently heard the CEO of the nation’s largest utility tell a roomful of mostly conservative Midwest business and government leaders, gathered at the University of Missouri, that she was optimistic about prospects for cutting the nation’s carbon pollution and meeting the goals of the nation’s new Clean Power Plan to limit power plant emissions.   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficiency Can Work for Utilities: New Findings

How can utilities be persuaded to help their customers use less electricity and natural gas? It’s entirely possible, starting with regulatory reforms that remove any linkage between the financial health of our hometown utilities and the amount of electricity and natural gas they sell.  NRDC and diverse allies have dedicated literally decades of effort to   …Continue Reading