Columnists: Richard Gerbe

Richard Gerbe is co-founder of HIGHMARK.

Building Efficiency Cuts Costs and Boosts ROI

Commercial buildings are incredibly inefficient, resulting in massive amounts of wasted energy, resources and expenditures. In fact, the average commercial building wastes about 30 percent of the energy used to run it.

Building Efficiency Supports Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is slowly gaining ground in the overall energy mix, but it still faces many hurdles before it can be widely adopted and overtake fossil fuels as a primary source. That’s where building efficiency can step in and provide the backing renewables need to be successful. Building efficiency matters because without it, renewables will continue to face a steep uphill climb as they seek to gain ground on fossil fuels.

Building Efficiency Curbs Energy Consumption

With a rising standard of living, energy in the U.S. is consumed at a faster and faster rate. This puts an intensifying strain on the nation’s aging grid and forces pollution-producing power plants to be activated to meet demand. Something has to give, and boosting building efficiency can be an easy and effective way to   …Continue Reading

Five Reasons Why Building Efficiency Matters

Greater efficiency in the built environment curbs consumption, supports renewable energy and cuts costs The built environment in the US is extremely inefficient. Consider these facts: Buildings consume roughly 40 percent of the total energy used in the US and more than 70 percent of the country’s electricity, according to the US Department of Energy.   …Continue Reading