Columnists: Richard Rathvon

Richard Rathvon is vice president for retail commodity services for ConEdison Solutions.

Winter Polar Vortex’s Biggest Lesson: Supplier Transparency Is Key

The history-making 2013-2014 Winter Polar Vortex dramatically demonstrated the importance of energy supplier transparency. With both demand and prices reaching record highs, users need to fully understand the energy supply products they are purchasing, and also need to be aware of the way that risk is being shared between customer and supplier. The unexpected extremes   …Continue Reading

‘Fixed Price’ Electricity: How to Make Sure It Really Carries a Fixed Price

Sometimes a “fixed price” may not turn out to be as “fixed” as you think. Over the last two years or so, it has become increasingly common for electricity suppliers to sell a so-called “fixed-price” product to their commercial customers – but soon thereafter, surprise those same customers by passing along unexpected, additional costs. In   …Continue Reading

Energy Optimization Is Key in Today’s Market

With the economy still uncertain as the post-recession recovery continues, there has never been a more-urgent time for commercial property owners to make energy management a priority.  According to the Energy Information Administration, energy expenses can total 30% of a commercial building’s bottom line. Despite rising prices, there are money-saving options when it comes to   …Continue Reading