Columnists: Robert Roth

Dr. Bob Roth is CEO of BGZ, Inc., developers of EnergyActio software. EnergyActio is listed in the US Department of Energy Software Guide.

Recovering Wasted Energy Expense Is a $750 Billion Opportunity

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), more than 4.2 million commercial buildings waste an average 30% of the energy that owners and tenants pay for. During 2007 (latest figures), the DOE estimated the cost of that waste at $60.7 billion.At an 8.0% capitalization rate, $60.7 billion of wasted energy expense represents $750 billion   …Continue Reading

Solving the Energy Audit Conundrum

Each year, inefficient energy systems in America’s commercial buildings: Reduce the capitalized asset value of commercial real estate by more than $750 billion. Remove more than $60 billion from business cash flows and potential profits. With so much money missing in action, it is a conundrum that very few property owners are doing anything to   …Continue Reading