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From Analytics to Action: Moving to the Autonomous Building

The phrase, “Don’t bring me problems – bring me solutions,” is a typical response managers may give employees when encouraging them to think for themselves.  The same sentiment holds true for many retailers and other light commercial building owners when dealing with the energy management systems controlling their facilities. Much attention in the energy industry   …Continue Reading

Two Critical Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Current Energy Contract

Take a second and think about the energy buying process at your organization. Maybe you already have a routine in place and sign a new supply agreement when renewal time comes around.

How Will Power Be Used Tomorrow and What Can Your Company Do About it?

The energy world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The way large organizations acquire, manage and use energy is dramatically different today than it was ten years ago. And ten years from now, it will likely be different still, as technological, regulatory policy and business model innovations continue to yield new opportunities for energy management.   …Continue Reading