Columnists: Swapnil Shah

Swapnil Shah is CEO of FirstFuel.

Four Utility Trends to Watch as Alternative Energy Solutions Gain Traction

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama underscored the mounting prevalence of a full portfolio of energy solutions including alternative energy, like solar. In view of the diversification of consumer energy options, the utility industry finds itself at a pivotal inflection point and we are beginning to see major shifts in how   …Continue Reading

Top Five Energy Traps Every Customer Should Know About

There’s an interesting shift happening in the energy industry today that’s opening the door for innovative technologies. Utility companies are changing their ways by moving beyond simply sending bills to customers, and instead fostering two-way conversations: engaging customers by providing insight into their energy usage, and building applications that help consumers make more informed choices   …Continue Reading

Finding Value through Building Energy Performance Standardization

There’s no question that energy efficiency is on a hot streak right now. With Opower recently filing for an IPO and Google announcing its acquisition of Nest Labs, the energy efficiency market is at a pivotal turning point. While some of the largest marketplace innovations and success stories in recent months have come from energy   …Continue Reading

Energy Savings: the Data Are in the Details

Energy managers know that every commercial building is complex. The upside to that complexity is that many of these buildings offer large energy efficiency potential. Through identifying efficiency opportunities in thousands of commercial buildings to-date, we have confirmed a simple premise. A commercial building’s energy use data set is like a fingerprint: no two are   …Continue Reading