Columnists: Thomas Stoner

Thomas Stoner, author of the new book Small Change, Big Gains: Reflections of an Energy Entrepreneur has 30 years of experience in the C-Suite, in the boardroom, and as an investor in renewable energy assets. Professionally, he helped lead three companies in the clean technology space, including one of the original CleanTech venture funds backed by international development banks. He has also led two publicly traded companies: Econergy International PLC, a renewable energy independent power producer (IPP) traded on the London AIM market; and Evergreen Energy, a clean coal technology company traded on the NYSE Arca Exchange. Over the course of his career, he has raised more than $300 million for global clean energy initiatives. For more information please visit his website at:

Smart Grid: On a Path Toward Climate Stability?

Is smart grid on a path toward climate stability? Yes, it is. Looking at the issue of climate stability purely from an environmental perspective, simply shutting down coal operations does not present a politically feasible plan nor hit the target of any reasonable climate forecast. The concept of shutting down global coal operations would require   …Continue Reading