Columnists: Toby Mack

Toby Mack is president and CEO of Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA). EEIA is the industry alliance representing the North American energy supply chain – suppliers of equipment, construction, materials, supplies and services to oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream infrastructure and operations.

Prior to joining EEIA in 2013, Mr. Mack served as president and CEO of Associated Equipment Distributors, the international trade association representing companies supplying heavy equipment and related products and services to the construction, energy, mining and forestry industries in North America.

EEIA: Shale Energy Supply Chain Sectors Support More than 450k US Jobs

America’s shale energy revolution is creating and sustanting hundreds of thousands of jobs in diverse sectors of the economy that supply construction, equipment, supplies and services to shale energy operations, and is making the US manufacturing sector more competitive by reducing energy input costs. As I testified at a House Energy and Mineral Resoures Subcommittee   …Continue Reading