Columnists: Tomás Carbonell

Tomás Carbonell is a Washington-based attorney with the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate and Air program. He engages in regulatory, litigation, and policy advocacy directed at mitigating climate change and reducing emissions of harmful pollutants that threaten public health and welfare. Among other things, Tomás works to reduce carbon pollution from the power sector; mitigate emissions of climate accelerants and ozone-forming pollution from the oil and gas sector; and improve emission standards for landfills, backup generators and distributed sources of pollution.

Why the Clean Power Plan Will Survive in Court

The “Just Say No” campaign fighting the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan is gambling the public will overlook an important detail. Almost all major Clean Air Act rules that have so successfully protected human health and the environment in recent years have undergone intense legal challenges – and most of those challenges have failed. It’s a detail   …Continue Reading