Columnists: Vic Shao

Vic Shao is CEO at Green Charge Networks (GCN), a leader in smart grid software and distributed energy storage systems. GCN develops and operates systems that help electric utilities to increase grid reliability and efficiency, and the public and private sector to reduce energy spending. Our proprietary software, GridSynergy, allows utilities to optimize the efficiency and reliability of current assets by real-time updates on the status of grid assets, and recommendations for and execution of load relief. GreenStation is GCN’s commercial energy management solution. Learn more at Vic can be contacted at

NY’s First ‘Reforming the Energy Vision’ Rule a Major Step in Transformation of US Power Sector

A major mile-marker was set in US power markets last week as the New York Public Service Commission (NYSPSC) issued the first regulations under Governor Cuomo’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) strategic power market reform plan. New York State’s REV highlights the transformation under way in the US power industry and markets as state authorities   …Continue Reading

How to Enhance Power and Grid Reliability and Resiliency

Public funding and supportive government policies have been a boon that has sparked innovation, technological advances, private sector investment and job creation in renewable energy, clean technology and energy efficiency across the US. Spurred forward by pioneering legislation, such as California’s AB 2514 energy storage mandate, this pattern of “green” socioeconomic development and growth is now   …Continue Reading

Finding the True Energy Ecosystem

As the lights from 4th of July fireworks fade to distant memory and as today more than 3.2 billion viewers tuned in to watch the grand finale 2014 FIFA World Cup, it’s worth considering what exactly we were celebrating in between the beers and BBQs. The 4th represents more than just the declaration of independence   …Continue Reading

Tax Credits for Energy Storage Would Forward Renewable Energy Tech

Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) delivered their latest report on the state of our global climate. The report warned that we are already seeing melting glaciers, rising tides, and dying coral reefs, and that the worst is yet to come. But under the doom and gloom was a silver lining: fixing   …Continue Reading

Look to Energy to Solve Our Drought

Take a drive down Highway 5 through California’s Central Valley and you’ll find more signs sprouting up than plants, all protesting the water cutbacks. The farmers blame the politicians and the politicians are blaming climate change. Everyone has a scapegoat but no one seems to have a good answer. Except, perhaps, the energy experts. Most   …Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Power Efficiency, Not Light Bulbs

Light bulbs sound like an innocent enough topic. And yet, during last week’s Congressional budget debate, light bulbs spawned a ferocious debate.  One side claimed that the government was “coming for your light bulbs” while the other side fought to pour millions into phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of their more energy-efficient counterparts. Both   …Continue Reading

Commercial Buildings and Utilities – More in Common Than One Would Think

At first glance, utilities and commercial electricity consumers do not have a lot in common. In fact, they appear to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. One supplies electricity, while the other demands it. One generally pays, while the other gets paid. And one is often irritated with the other.