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Combining Peak Power Technology with Procurement Services

November 20, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Usource, an energy services company in deregulated markets, is partnering with Tangent Energy Solutions to utilize Tangent’s demand management technology to obtain the best procurement contracts for customers.

Up to 20 percent or more of industrial and institutional customers’ energy capacity costs are determined by decisions made during a few hours each year because utilities and power pools review customer energy usage patterns during the peak hours of system-wide demand in order to determine price premiums and other charges that are ultimately applied to every hour of energy usage in the following year. By predicting when these peak demand hours will occur, and making targeted adjustments when they do, customers can significantly reduce costs, according to the two companies.

Another company that helps businesses reduce their peak power demand is Joule Assets whose Joule Peak Power Index forecasts when major metro areas are likely to experience the “peak power hour” of the year in their region.

Under the terms of the Usource/Tangent agreement, Usource will offer Tangent’s Demand Design and Demand Design PLUS to its customers, and Tangent will deploy and manage the technology. Tangent will also utilize Usource’s E-compass procurement service to provide its customers with access to competitive energy prices and other resources.

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