ComEd Addresses Smart Meter Privacy, Safety Concerns

July 7, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

smart meter energy manageChicago’s ComEd is in the process of deploying smart meters throughout its territory, but the company’s Vice-President of Advanced Metering Infrastructure Implementation Michael McMahan felt the need to respond to smart meter concerns by posting an article in the Glenview Suntimes.

A crowd-funded documentary, Take Back Your Power, claims smart meters can invasively monitor other electronic devices in the home or business; and can cause serious health risks.

“There is some confusion – and frankly, misinformation – regarding the smart meters ComEd is installing as part of its work to modernize the electric grid,” wrote McMahan. “Smart meters installed by ComEd comply fully with Federal Communications Commission health and safety standards,” referring to concerns about RF emissions.

McMahan added, “Just like standard meters, smart meters will measure the amount of electricity a customer uses, not how it is used. To ensure customer privacy, ComEd uses state-of-the-art cryptographic technologies, similar to those used by global financial institutions and the US Department of Defense, to protect against unauthorized access to customer personal information.”

Photo: Smart meter via Shutterstock

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