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Constellation Offers Rate Response to Commercial Customers

February 20, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Constellation Rate Response allows Constellation power customers who are participating in traditional load response programs to receive a reduced rate on their electricity supply throughout the year or a direct bill credit.

Customers typically receive load response payments from their utility, ISO or curtailment service provider in the form of a check, months after a load response event has occurred. Constellation Rate Response customers select how load response revenue is applied to their electricity bill based on their estimated level of curtailment and the type of load response program in which they participate.

Customers enrolled in capacity-based load response programs can choose to receive a reduced electricity supply rate up front, to reflect the value of anticipated load curtailment throughout the year. Customers enrolled in capacity, energy or ancillary load response programs can choose to receive payments as credits directly on their monthly bill for the amount of any revenue earned.

Constellation Rate Response is currently available to Constellation commercial and industrial power customers in the PJM, New England, New York, ERCOT and California regions.

Recently, Constellation announced its Peak Response program, which allows Constellation commercial and industrial power customers to reduce future capacity and transmission costs by voluntarily lowering electricity consumption during the hours of peak demand. Constellation Peak Response offers customers two payment options – saving on their Constellation monthly bill or receiving a quarterly check – during the year following their participation in the program.

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