Cooltech Introduces Magnetic Cooling System

June 15, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

refrigerationCooltech has introduced its first commercial magnetic cooling system.

The press release says that the system uses a water coolant instead of a refrigerant gas for cooling. This is eco-friendly and energy efficient. The release says that the systems cools at 200 watts to 700 watts and is optimized for medical refrigerators, display cabinets, beverage dispensers, store plugins, wine cellars and other commercial refrigerator needs.

The press release says that the MRS200 was successfully demonstrated last year and will demonstrate the MRS400 later this year. The release says that the basics of the technology is to magnetic cooling, which makes the harmful gases used in compression-based systems unnecessary.

Earlier this month, Energy Manager Today posted a conversation with Freeaire on commercial refrigeration. The Behind the Meter podcast featured CEO Dave Mac Isaac and Managing Director Ken Strachan.

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