Courthouse Replaces Oversized Boiler

April 17, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

McKinstry energy manageMcKinstry was named the energy services contractor (ESCO) for Tillamook County, Oregon’s courthouse upgrades.

The initial engagement will involve replacement of the county courthouse boiler, which failed in late 2014. During an energy audit analysis conducted following the failure, the 1950s-era boiler was determined to be twice the size needed to efficiently cool and heat the building.

To improve the building’s performance, the county will replace the original single boiler with two units that are 38 percent smaller. This configuration provides flexibility to use only one boiler during periods of lower energy requirements and, in turn, allows the demand load to be shared. The courthouse boiler will be completed in fall 2015 at a total cost of $275,000.

The units’ improved energy savings and increased lifecycle will reduce the courthouse’s annual operating costs.

In selecting McKinstry as their ESCO, Tillamook County plans to look at energy savings and facilities upgrades in several of their buildings. The county jail is next in line for determining facility improvement measures.

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