Cree Adds Intelligent Color to Lighting Control System

February 13, 2015 By Karen Henry

Cree LED troffer energy manageCree has added field adjustable color temperature to its SmartCast Technology-enabled CR Series LED troffers. The first of Cree’s luminaires to feature instantly adjustable color temperatures, Cree’s SmartCast Technology combined with its TrueWhite Technology allow for better color quality and consistency while providing greater flexibility to control illumination.

In combination with SmartCast Technology, Cree luminaires featuring field adjustable color temperature eliminate the need for building managers or facility designer to decide on color temperature at the onset of installation. Instead, they can use one troffer type in any space regardless of lighting preference, and chose from 3000K to 5000K in 500K increments. Compared to traditional fluorescent luminaires, Cree SmartCast Technology luminaires reduce energy consumption by more than 70 percent, says the company.

Cree introduced the SmartCast Technology self-programming, wireless luminaires just over a year ago.

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