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Cree Designs LED Specifically for Parking Garages

August 6, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Cree LEDCree’s new VG Series parking garage luminaires are designed to deliver low-glare illumination by eliminating direct view of the LEDs via an optical system.

The company says the VG Series luminaires can deliver payback in less than two years calculated against metal halide and based on commercial usage of 24 hours per-day and the national average of $0.11 per kWh electric costs.

The VG Series delivers energy savings up to 73 percent compared to metal halide fixtures, says Cree.

The low-glare luminaire features a composite optical system combining an internal reflector and a precisely designed prismatic lens to even out the dark and light contrast in parking garages. The VG Series is designed with a mounting system for installation in most parking garages.

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