Cree Intros 2 LEDs with New WaveMax Technology

April 29, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

CreeCree introduced WaveMax Technology for LED lighting. WaveMax features Cree DiamondFacet optical elements to achieve up to 90 percent optical efficiency and precise optical control for visual comfort, uniform illumination and improved color quality while enabling more energy-saving potential.

The first interior LED luminaire to feature WaveMax Technology is the Cree LN Series suspended ambient luminaire for both new and existing commercial building spaces. When paired with Cree’s SmartCast Technology wireless controls, building owners can save more than 70 percent in energy costs over outdated linear fluorescent lighting, says Cree.

Cree also unveiled the IG Series LED parking garage luminaire with WaveMax Technology, which can deliver more than 80 percent energy savings compared to outdated metal halide lighting.

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