Daintree Puts Building Energy Management in Cloud

November 18, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Daintree energy manageDaintree Networks has a new service offering – Building Energy Management as a Service (BEMaaS). The new offering makes Daintree’s ControlScope software available as a subscription-based cloud application instead of a local application on a physical server.

Daintree’s BEMaaS spans various building applications and controls down to individual devices including lighting, thermostat, plug load and fans.

ControlScope BEMaaS require limited hardware: a wireless area controller and sensors for the facility’s building devices – lights, thermostats, plug loads, meters, mechanical equipment, such as fans and motors, and other energy-related products.

Daintree says a key benefit of BEMaaS is that it further streamlines the connection between building automation and the Enterprise Internet of Things.

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