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Data Center Cabling Techniques Save Energy

December 16, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

R&M logo Energy ManageIndia-based R&M says its R&MinteliPhy infrastructure management system can reduce the energy consumption in data centers by as much as 10 percent.

R&M says its customers find that up to 40 percent of all switch ports are forgotten in documentation, or their status is not correctly recorded, which leads to unproductive energy consumption. R&MinteliPhy monitors all ports, cables, connectors and components of a network in real time, and the R&M cabling system for data centers supports efforts toward energy efficiency.

For example: the Cat. 6A technology from R&M shortens the length of cable links. Users have to store fewer cables in raised floors. They not only save on material and resources but also improve air circulation, which saves energy. In addition, servers and switches need less transmission power when links are short and signal transmission is undisturbed. They do not heat up as much, so less cooling power is required and therefore less energy.

The R&M cabling system is also optimized for 10GBASE-T low power mode, a mode increasingly used in network cards for servers.

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