Database Showcases 37 Net-Zero Energy Buildings

December 11, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

zero energy buildingsThe New Building Institute has published a database of North America’s most energy-efficient and zero energy commercial buildings.

The database features more than 280 buildings from all climate zones across the US, Canada and beyond, including a variety of building types such as schools, offices, nursing homes and courthouses. The number of zero energy-verified buildings – those that use only as much energy as can be produced on-site through renewable resources – totals 37.

In the US, California leads in the number of low and zero energy projects with 58, followed by Oregon (18), Colorado (17), Washington (16), Virginia (12), Massachusetts (11), Florida (10), Pennsylvania (10), Illinois (8), North Carolina (8) and New York (8).

The database allows users to search properties by type, size, location and energy use intensity (or, efficiency level). Building profiles include information on energy-saving features, design approaches, finances, people involved in the project, and the building’s net energy use.

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