Dell Progresses Toward Energy Efficiency Goals

July 9, 2014 By Karen Henry

dell-logo-energy-manageIn its Fiscal Year 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, Dell provided a progress report on its 2020 Legacy of Good plan, 21 social and environmental goals that guide how the company will use its technology and expertise.

Key among the goals the company is committed to reaching by 2020 is making Dell’s entire product portfolio 80 percent more energy efficient. To that end, Dell has reduced the energy intensity of its product portfolio by 23.2 percent over the last two years; it reduced the energy intensity of its server portfolio by about 50 percent. The company said that customers who purchased products in FY14 can expect to spend $449 million less on electricity to power their products over their lifetime compared to products purchased in 2012.

Dell reduced greenhouse gas emissions from facilities and logistics by 8 percent, attributing the change to more ocean-going freight, better packaging and increased purchases of renewable electricity. Thirty-five percent percent of Dell’s overall electricity purchases were from renewable sources, up from 23 percent last year. By 2020, Dell plans to reduce emissions from facilities and logistics by 50 percent.

Dell also reported on how it is helping communities without reliable electricity access. In 2013, Dell and its partners installed the first two solar-powered Dell Learning Labs to bring technology-based learning to youth in underserved areas of Africa. The Dell Learning Labs directly serve 434 students and more than 50 teachers.

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