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Detention Center Saves on Natural Gas Transport

September 21, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

naturalgaspipeline-energy-manageThe Mason County Detention Center in Maysville, KY, is changing the way in which natural gas is brought to the facility in hopes of saving money, according to Maysville Online.

Personnel from the jail learned at a conference that an agency or facility can contract with Stand Energy Corporation, a company in Cincinnati, to bring gas to the facility. The provider, once the gas enters the facility, is Columbia Gas. Savings are realized on the lion’s share of the gas’ trip, which is from the Dakotas to the detention center. Stand has a state contract that enables the county to use it without a bidding process.

The detention center spends about $28,000 annually for natural gas. The agreement with Stand could cut that amount by as much as $500 per month.

These are not great days for the natural gas industry. The slowing of drilling for oil is impacting the natural gas industry, according to Bloomberg. Natural gas comes out of oil wells with the crude. If fewer oil rigs are active due to oversupply, the amount of gas that is captured will fall as well.

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