Detroit Goes Dark for 8 Hours During Workday

December 3, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

DetroitHundreds of buildings in downtown Detroit experienced a major power outage yesterday when a cable failed at one of the city’s power generation plants around 9:30 am. The city was able to restore power by about 5:30 pm.

The city buys its power from DTE Energy, which ties its power into the Detroit system at the Mistersky plant where the problem occurred, reports The Detroit News.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said in a news conference that DTE Energy is in the early stages of conducting a four-year, $200 million plan to upgrade the city’s electrical grid. After the upgrade, the utility will take over managing the grid for the city.

The outage darkened traffic lights and buildings at about 900 customer locations, including fire stations and hospitals. The Detroit News said hospitals that lost power operated on backup generators.

Photo: Detroit via Shutterstock

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