Device Plugs Into Streetlights to Save Energy

July 14, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

LED energy manageMuni-Fed Energy has delivered 1,300 LiteOwl energy-savings devices for streetlights to the City of Moreno Valley, Calif.

The LiteOwl sits atop any standard Cobra-style lighting fixture that has a standard NEMA socket for a photocell. The LiteOwl is placed between the fixture and the photocell, no tools needed. When the lamp is activated, the LiteOwl supplies full power until the lamp achieves full brightness, then it drops the power down to a level that saves about 25 percent of the energy.

Fulfillment of this LiteOwl delivery to the City of Moreno Valley signifies the beginning of mass production and distribution of the technology. Through its manufacturing partner, Probe Manufacturing, the product is now available for orders and delivery throughout the US.

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