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Device Pumps Warm Ceiling Air Down to Floor

October 18, 2013 By Linda Hardesty

Energy Manage Blue BoxThe BluBox Thermal Fan pushes warm air from the ceiling toward the floor, reusing warm air to save energy.

Many office employees use small electric heaters under their desks to stay warm during the winter, but a 500-watt electric heater uses a kilowatt of power every two hours while a BluBox Thermal Fan uses less than 1.5 Kwh in a month operated 24 hours a day, according to Doyle Doss, inventor of the device.

The BluBox Thermal Fan consists of a 4-inch blue cube, housing a computer quiet fan that draws 2.04 watts. It can be operated 24/7 for one month for less than 15 cents (based on .10 Kwh). A 3-inch inlet at the top of the device connects an appropriate length of pipe; and a swivel nozzle at the bottom of the device directs the air flow. The device also includes a power jack for the included 12 volt DC power supply, and mounting hardware.

The fan moves 30-35 cubic feet per minute, so in a 12 x 18-foot room, the fan is drawing the 2 inch layer of warmest air off the ceiling every minute, according to Doss, adding that it is especially effective in rooms with high ceilings.

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